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Clean Water Project: Grant Application Process Now Open!

Environmental Justice

Daniel Newsbit, Law Fellow
Daniel Newsbit, Law Fellow

The Impact Fund is thrilled to announce that the application process for grants for strategic litigation under our Clean Water Project is now open!

As we described in our announcement, the aim of the Clean Water Project is to support advocacy for clean water in the San Joaquin Valley. A crucial component of this effort is to fund litigation that could make a difference in this fight. Starting today, we are now ready to take the next step for this aspect of the project by opening up the application process in order to support the important environmental justice work of our allies.


If you are acquainted with the Impact Fund’s existing grant program, you will find the process for a grant under the Clean Water Project familiar. In fact, the process is the same, but with the additional requirement that the grant will seek to improve clean water access for communities of at least 250 residents in the San Joaquin Valley. You can review the basics of our grant criteria here.

Our upcoming fall and winter deadlines are as follows:

Fall 2018

Letters of Interest due: July 10, 2018

Applications due: August 7, 2018

Notifications: mid-September

Winter 2018

Letters of Interest due: October 9, 2018

Applications due: November 6, 2018

Notifications: mid-December 

To apply, please review the instructions here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Daniel Nesbit.