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Envirosult is leading the way to a brighter and safer future by assisting smaller US communities in their need for clean water, safe public parks, and environmental needs.  We consolidate State & Federal regulatory loan and grant information into a concise and relevant summary for communities. Through this process, we will be able to help those communities that lack available financial resources to adequately address their water, environmental, and infrastructure issues.

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Our focus is to dramatically improve the infrastructure and environmental conditions of the drinking water and soils in as many small communities as we can reach across the United States.  This will in turn decrease long term medical conditions of the citizens of these communities that have been caused by contaminated waters and soils.


Where Does Our Water Come From?

  • Drinking water comes from either surface water (bayous, rivers, etc.) or ground water (aquifers).
  • Groundwater is found in porous, permeable rocks (aquifers) that often lie close to the earth’s surface.
  • The deepest freshwater aquifers are found more than 6,000 feet underground.
  • Most are much shallower, from near the land surface to a few hundred feet below the surface
  • The United States relies on groundwater for roughly 25% of its fresh water.

Sources of Water Contamination

  • Oil And Gas Drilling: Many of the oil and gas deposits are thousands of feet below the Earth’s surface.
    As a result, oil and gas production involves drilling through aquifers to access the oil and gas farther below.
  • Arsenic Contamination
  • Lead Contamination From Lead And Copper Pipes
  • Gas Station seepage
  • Manure from agriculture facilities
  • Hazardous Waste Dumps
  • Petrol Chemical activities from refineries
A map of the water cycle shows how it works.
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To further our efforts and provide improved service to our potential customers, Envirosult has decided to apply for nonprofit status with the IRS. We look forward to this new chapter for the company and hope you will join us in the future either as a contributor or a potential client.

Email envirosultusa@gmail.com for copy of our 501(C)3 status, as needed.

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Lead & Other Contaminants !!!


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Tainted tap water isn’t just a problem in Flint, Michigan. In any given year from 1982 to 2015, somewhere between 9 million and 45 million Americans got their drinking water from a source that was in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act, according to a new study. Most at risk: people who live in rural, low-income areas. There are approximately 60,000 of these Communities across the USA.  

An aerial view of a town with many trees.

Focusing on Smaller Communities

While other environmental consulting firms go after the medium to large corporate contracts, we want to focus on the smaller communities that desperately need infrastructure help, and do not always know where to turn when they lack the funding and knowledge to tackle the serious issues their town may be facing.  Other firms seek out those large corporate contracts with multi-million dollar budgets, while small towns get forgotten.  With the help of many types of grants and loans available, we are able to offer help to so many small towns across the US that need it.

Federal and State Loans and Grants

Below is a sampling of Federal & State Level Loans and Grants that are available to communities in need. Through our knowledge and expertise, we will apply for these loans and grants on behalf of the communities we represent (click on any of the boxes to find out more):

Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF)

The Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) program is a federal-state partnership that provides communities low-cost financing for a wide range of water quality infrastructure projects.

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The Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund (DWSRF)

The Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund (DWSRF) was established by the 1996 amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). The DWSRF is a financial assistance program to help water systems and states to achieve the health protection objectives of the SDWA. The program is a powerful partnership between EPA and the states.

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Water & Waste Disposal Loan & Grant Program

This program provides funding for clean and reliable drinking water systems, sanitary sewage disposal, sanitary solid waste disposal, and storm water drainage to households and businesses in eligible rural areas.

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Louisiana State Healthy Communities Grant, as in Any State in the USA

Since 2004, Keep Louisiana Beautiful has awarded $3 million in grants to local communities in the areas of litter abatement, waste reduction, recycling, and environmental education. Keep Louisiana Beautiful supports strong, sustainable, action-oriented programs dedicated to these areas. We fund programs that not only educate and engage but also facilitate attitudinal, behavioral and cultural change

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Local Government Assistance Program (LGAP)​ & Community Water Enrichment Fund (CWEF)

$4 million has been made available for continuation of both the Local Government Assistance Program (LGAP) and Community Water Enrichment Fund (CWEF). CWEF was established in the 2008 Louisiana regular legislative session. Its intent is to provide a source of funding to aid units of local government solely for the purpose of rehabilitation, improvement, and construction projects for community water systems to provide safe and clean drinking water.

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Emergency Community Water Assistance Grants

This program helps prevent damage or restore households and business' access to clean, reliable drinking water in eligible rural areas and towns following natural disasters. Funding can improve the natural environment and encourage manufacturers and other businesses to locate or expand operations.

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