Envirosult's Business Model

Our focus is going to be on the largely ignored smaller communities that desperately need infrastructure help, especially with the quality of their drinking water.  Many of these communities have no idea who to turn to for help and don't realize what resources are available that they are eligible for.  Envirosult aims to take a proactive and holistic approach to helping educate these small communities about their drinking water, as well as other infrastructure issues the town may be facing that affect the safety and well-being of the town's citizen's as a whole.

- Seeking Investment Capital to develop and apply for Federal and State loans and grants in order to provide citizens of the United States in small communities with Environmental education, playgrounds, safe and clean drinking waters and soils.

- Initially, assist small cities in more rural parts of USA with clean drinking water, playgrounds and infrastructure upgrade and repair funding needs.
- Expand these activities and needs across the United States of America.

Social And Economic Benefits:
- Construction and improvement projects for community water systems to provide safe and clean drinking water.
- Replace existing pipes, tanks and meters
- Provide education to the community about the negative impacts of soil and drinking water contamination created by pollution, virus’s, bacteria, lead, mercury, gas and oil.
- Safer drinking water in schools and playgrounds for our children

Our business model is a win-win-win for the environment, for small communities and for our bottom line profits.  The agency's proposal takes a proactive and holistic approach to improving the current rule:  from testing to treatment to informing the public about the levels of lead and other containments in their drinking water.

Our Approach Focuses on Six Key Areas:

  • Identifying the areas most impacted
  • Strengthening drinking water treatment requirements
  • Replacing lead service lines
  • Increasing environmental awareness and knowledge in small comminutes in the US.
  • Increasing sampling reliability
  • Improving risk communications
  • Protecting children in schools and childcare facilities
  • Increasing sample reliability for water utility companies in the US,

At A Glance: Water Contamination in Louisiana (which is similar to many other states):

  • Approximately two-thirds of Louisiana residents get their drinking water from ground water sources.
  • Louisiana has 20 drinking water systems since 2015 that had at least 10 percent of their multiple tests show that lead exceeds 15 micrograms per liter of water. Of the state’s roughly 1,300 drinking water systems, about half operate infrastructure that is more than 50 years old.
  • Louisiana has struggled with aging infrastructure and deteriorating water quality. The system is plagued with leaks. Often, what flows from a tap is brown and smelly, the result of high levels of iron and manganese.
  • Crumbling infrastructure, a meager budget and overwhelmingly low-income residents are at risk of being poisoned by their own water.

Example of two grants that are available in the State of Louisiana:

Louisiana Government Assistance Program (LGAP)​

Community Water Enrichment Fund (CWEF)


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